"Good Morning John, I wanted to drop you an email, firstly to apologise to yourself and your team for having you standing around for most of yesterday without being able to get started on the job as well as the extra pressure this has put on your team to get the work completed in time today. And because of that I wanted to say a huge thank you for your teams spirit and patience in the face of all the Health and Safety issues we were encountering with the venue. I want to ensure you that not only yourselves but Extreme Sensations, Capita Symonds and my team here at BLINK had completed everything that the venue had asked for and yesterdays delay was purely an internal issue between the venue and the land owners.

It is very clear from how you and your team conducted yourselves yesterday and the positive can do attitude you all showed, proves you run your company with a lot of integrity and that we definitely chose the right company for the job.

Today is a new day and its going to be a positive one and hopefully less wet!

See you later


Marc Davidson
Event Production Director"