UCL Christopher Ingold

5 000 square meter dependent scaffolding

6 x heavy duty loading bays

3 x 300kg and 500kg platform hoists

3 full height hoist run offs

Project completed in 2 phases. Extending scaffolding access to cover full elevation and provide roof access to the whole perimeter of the building.

Q Scaffolding won this project for window replacement, brickwork clean down and general repairs. Internally scaffolds were erected to all 3no lifts for the removal and installation of new lifts to the building. There were also various heavy-duty crash decks erected to all floors to allow new risers to be formed along with handrail protection to all leading edges on the floors including to internal staircases.

The project consisted of full height scaffolds to Gordon Street elevation and the rear of the building. The scaffold was erected in 2m fully boarded lifts and fully enclosed in flame retardant monarflex.